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You may be looking at purchasing an RV for the ultimate in camping adventures and find that they are very highly priced. Your next best option can be class B vans from Classic Vans. You will be pleased to find that you get the same luxury comfort in many great features that an RV will have at a fraction of the price. Class B vans are complete motor homes that are rebuilt on to van chassis lacking nothing in home comforts. Class B vans also give you far better consumption than an RV would so you get all-around better for money over the long term.Class B vans are a lot easier to handle as well. Classic Vans has a great selection of vehicles to choose from and for your extra convenience you can shop online and even have your class B vans or whatever your preferences are delivered to your door.

Many Americans are finding road trips the ultimate in moving vacations and camping adventures. There is so much more to see when you can stop off at destinations of your choice, and because you basically have a complete home on wheels, you lack nothing. Besides stocking up on necessities on the road, you can travel wherever you wish all over the United States. Class B vans have everything you need just as an RV will have, and if you have a look at the beautiful models we have available at Classic Vans, you will definitely find one to suit your pocket. Look at the Phoenix Cruiser or the Sun-seeker that we have, for example, and click the images for complete details of what they offer you in amenities.

You will see in the photos that class B camper vans have everything you need in a home on wheels. Outfitted in complete luxury in a mini-kitchen, ablution area, sleeping quarters, and a fold out tent in some models, you have everything you could ever wish for on a camping road trip with the whole family. Classic Vans has kept the prices of Class B camper vans and all vehicles, including conversions, at superb value for money. Customers who have purchased class B vans from us have been delighted to find that they get a vehicle that has been quality checked from head to tail in roadworthiness for your comfort and peace of mind. We believe in an honest deal and have already built an impeccable reputation for being the leading supplier to choose for all types of vans and complementing vehicles.

Browse through all the vehicles online and click each one for price details of what is available, and contact us when you need to ask for more details. Class B camper vans, wheelchair vans, RVs, and general purpose vans are available to satisfy any discerning taste. With such great value you will find the vehicle at the right price to suit your budget and we will also assist you with financing options.

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