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Classic Vans is a leading Internet van dealer that specializes in creating custom vans that are able to serve a number of purposes. Regardless of what your van usage desire may be, you are certain to have your needs expertly met by Classic Vans. Not only do we stock an incredible range of vans, our prices are ranked among the lowest on the Internet, and we strive to ensure that online customers receive extensive choice and quality workmanship. The custom vans are offered by way of GMC, Chevrolet, or Ford chassis with 1,500, 2,500, or 3,500 ratings and our inventory is so large that we have outgrown our current premises. Each of the vans is offered in an assortment of colors, so online custom van shoppers are presented with extensive choices. In addition, once your order has been received for one of our custom vans, you can look forward to your delivery a mere three weeks after the order has been placed - affordability, choice, and reliability are the three factors that have allowed Classic Vans to become a trusted name in the realm of custom vans.

In many cases, our customers opt for sport or raised roofs when deciding on customized vans; in this case, increased mobility is achieved, as well as additional storage space. Furthermore, the raised roofs allows for additional customizing and the raised roof customs vans can be fitted with additional accessories that not only allow the vans to be aesthetically pleasing, but add to the luxury of the vehicle. Other features which may be included in the custom vans are a 26-inch LCD hi-definition entertainment center that boasts surround sound capabilities and wireless headsets. For online customers seeking sophisticated appeal, Classic Vans offers walnut wood d├ęcor or leather interiors that add to the sleekness and appeal of the van. From state-of-the-art navigation systems and power rear sofas, Classic Vans has incorporated an assortment of technologically advanced accessories to ensure that custom vans are truly customized to match the personalities and styles of their drivers. Please feel free to view the Classic Van website at to discover how Classic Vans can enhance a standard, pre-owned van to become an eye-catching and striking road-hog.

If you are looking for custom vans, allow our website to adequately serve your needs, as Classic Vans stocks the widest range of clean, good looking, and low mileage pre-owned vans that have been customized by industry greats, such as Mark 3, Sherrod, Regency, and Starcraft. When online users opt to partner with Classic Vans, they receive custom vans that are able to serve as luxurious and comfortable camper vans and handicap vans that are equipped with wheelchairs lifts, and have been designed to meet the needs of transporting disabled individuals. Allow Classic Vans to present you with an exceptional range of the finest quality custom vans that have the ability to serve numerous needs. The Classic Vans website invites online users to view our 2008 models, and gain information on financing options.

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