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2004 Gmc Savana Conversion Van

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2004 Gmc Savana Southern Comfort Conversion Van:  Ok...close your eyes...dream of the perfect affordable conversion van...Ok, now you just found it.  Lucky You!  Be rest assured there is no exageration here... the van looks new, smells new, and drives new.  The pictures will prove this out.  We have low mileage and features galore. This van has been certified and comes with warranty.   Some of these features are:

Raised Sport Roof

Ground Effects

Two tone Paint scheme

Beige leather and Walnut trim

Power seats and Sofabed

Large LCD Tv/ Dvd

Chrome alloy wheels

Window Blinds

Indirect Lighting


Retail Price
Our Price
$USD 27,995

Call today to learn about our at-home or office nationwide delivery options:
1 (866) 370-8222

Interior Color
Beige Leather
Engine Type
  • Sold
Southern Comfort
Body Type
Van Conversion
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Raised roof, leather, walnut, Lcd tv, Dvd, alloy wheels
Stock #
90 Days/4500 Miles

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