Complete Guide to Conversion Van Parts: Exterior

What exterior luxury features is your conversion van lacking?

exterior conversion van features

Do you love the versatility and capabilities a conversion van has to offer? So do we! Conversion vans are the most practical full-sized vehicle on the market. They offer luxury, style, towing capacity, interior space, cargo space and more. Conversion vans make fantastic family vehicles, work vans, handicap accessible conversions or travel/camping cars.

Many conversion van owners are repeat buyers. Once they purchase their first van, they find how much utility and comfort they offer. Whether you decide to buy new or used, conversion vans are made with the utmost quality and tend to retain their value.

One of the many things that make a conversion van stand out is its unique craftsmanship. Conversion vans are built on full-sized cargo van chassis. Their interiors and exteriors are produced according to the conversion company’s ideals and style. Depending on the type of van the particular conversion van outfit is building, the parts can greatly vary.

Unlike typical cars, with conversion vans you can’t go to the dealership or any local auto parts store and pick up additional parts when they need replacing. Conversion van parts are a little more hard to find compared to your everyday SUV or sedan.

Hopefully, this list (along with our related article on interior conversion van parts) can help clarify some of these pieces and send you with the proper knowledge and in the right direction if you find yourself needing to replace something.

Exterior Conversion Van Parts

Exterior parts are essentially anything that resides on the exterior of the conversion van. Conversion vans come in many different makes and models. They can be high tops and low tops.

Depending on your preference, you can purchase a conversion van with a very basic exterior look. This may be more ideal for work or cargo purposes. If you happen to be seeking something a little bit more luxurious, you would be amazed at all of the high-end exterior upgrades you can add.

Running Boards: Running boards are pieces of fiberglass that allow you to easily step in and out of your conversion van. When searching for a conversion van, either new or used, you will find that almost every one comes with a built in running board. There are standard running boards for GMC, Chevy, Ford and Mercedes Sprinter vans; however, if you are looking to upgrade to a sleeker style, they can be purchased or accommodated when ordering your van. Depending on your preference, you can retain your factory running boards or upgrade for around $1,000.

Running Board Trim: In addition to running boards helping you to enter and exit your van, running board trim gives you to have a better grip when stepping on and off the board. Running board trim is inexpensive and will run you anywhere from $7-$8.

Windows: Very rarely will a conversion van may need a window replacement. Conversion van windows are incredibly durable and able to withstand most impact and elements. Most conversion vans come with tinted windows in order to allow the interior passengers privacy and shade. If a window replacement is necessary, you can always contact your conversion van manufacturer. If you purchased a conversion van with standard windows and wish to upgrade, you can speak to the dealership you purchased your van from or contact a conversion van parts provider. Windows will run you anywhere from $200-700. Rest assured, it is a very rare occurrence that you would need to replace your window.

Grilles: One of the items that stand out most on the exterior of a conversion van is the grille. Even factory style grilles are sleek and make a big aesthetic impact. Grilles are like cars – you can spend as little or as much as you like if you happen to be building your own conversion van from scratch. The most basic can run you $80, while high-end grilles can cost up to $1,000.

Body Kit: A body kit is any modified vehicle body part or additional components that can be installed on a stock vehicle. This includes the side skirts, additional bumper lighting and front and rear bumpers. If you are ordering a new conversion van and having it built from scratch, you can customize the body kit anyway you wish. If you are purchasing an older conversion van, you can order replacement body kits depending on the make, year and model of your van.

Wheels: Along with a shiny grille, your conversion van’s wheels are going to be the next stand-out item on the exterior of your vehicle. Depending on the make, different sets of wheels or rims are going to look better than others. Many of the newer conversion vans by Explorer, for example, come with high-end, high quality and stylish wheels as a standard feature. If you are purchasing a conversion van and having it built from the ground up, you can choose 16” or 20” Chrome Lugs wheels. If you are purchasing a used conversion van and wish to upgrade your wheels, you always have the option of going to a third party van conversion parts company and have them replace the wheels. Pricing will vary depending on the material, size and manufacturer.

Graphics: One of the exterior options that conversion van customers love is making their vehicle stand out. Graphics may have been more popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s; however, many newer conversion van models have more subtle graphics that make the exterior pop. You can have as many or as few graphics as you like, if you are building a van directly from the manufacturer, you can direct them to your preference. If you are purchasing a pre-owned van, you can remove or add graphics.

Buying Exterior Parts for Your Conversion Van

If you decide you want to replace an exterior part of your van, the links below should help you find the right conversion van part retailer:

Conversion van exteriors come in all colors, fades, shapes and sizes. The exteriors of these ultra versatile vehicles stand out far beyond your standard minivan or SUV.

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