Complete Guide to Conversion Van Parts: Interior

What interior luxury features is your conversion van lacking?

interior conversion van features

If you come across a conversion van owner, you are likely to hear how much they love their vehicle! Conversion vans offer versatility, comfort, style, luxury, space and so much more. Compared to other large-sized vehicles, such as SUV’s and minivans, the conversion van has an interior that absolutely puts these popular cars to shame.

Conversion vans come in passenger seating figurations of 7 and 9. In addition to having the capacity to seat a larger group, the interior space is exponentially roomier than other full-sized vehicles.

The interiors of conversion vans (high tops) allow passengers plenty of headroom to stand up and walk around. Conversion van interiors also offer luxurious seating, plush carpeting, light deterring window shades and rear sofas that fold-down into a comfortable bed.

Another thing that conversion van owners will tell you about is how much they love all the luxurious features and amenities conversion van interiors have to offer. Heated seating, lighted drink holders, power sunroofs, power reclining front seats, USB charging ports, large flat-screen TV’s, Blu-ray and DVD technology, video game consoles and ceiling light panels are just some of the interior luxuries these vans can come equipped with.

Interior Conversion Van Amenities

Blinds and Shades: Conversion van blinds and shades provide privacy, shade and allow passengers the ability to nap or watch a movie on longer trips. Most conversion vans have standard accordion shades that are easy to pull down and efficient at blocking out light. If you want to replace your blinds, there are many conversion van parts retailers that sell a variety of shades. These shades range anywhere from $39.00 to $100.00 or more. If your conversion van is on the newer side and a blind needs replacing (this is rare since shades tend to be incredibly durable), ask about your warranty options.

Lighting: Conversion vans offer some of the best lighting options for vehicles available. The interior often features ceiling light panels that come in a wide variety of designs and colors of your choice. Many new and used conversion vans have lighting that runs along the door panels and in the cup holders. These lighting features offer a touch of elegance as well as provide useful light if passengers wish to enjoy a book or need to work while traveling.

Headliner: A headliner in conversion van terms is typically a carbon fiber grab handle that allows you to easily go from sitting to standing in a conversion van. Headliners come in all colors, finishes and sizes depending on the interior style of your conversion van. If you happen to need a replacement headliner, they range in price from $10 to $25. They can be often found online at conversion van parts retailers or at your local auto parts store.

Upholstery: Upholstery refers to the carpet inside your conversion van. Most conversion vans come with durable, easy to clean and comfy floor carpeting. If you need to replace some carpet in your current conversion van, it is easy to contact a conversion van parts manufacturer who can professionally replace it.

Seating: No other types of vehicles have seating options quite like conversion vans. Conversion vans offer large, plush seats that provide comfort, style and support. Many new or used conversion vans have high quality, leather seating. Many offer power lumbar seats and some of the newer models offer extreme reclining features. Heated seats are commonly found in conversion vans, sometimes even massage features. Swivel chairs are also available in many models. Don’t forget that most conversion vans come equipped with power folding sofa beds, perfect for napping children or adults. Once you take a long ride in a conversion van, you will seriously rethink flying to destinations you could drive to!

Power Roofs/Vista Sport Roofs: Another feature that makes owning a conversion van a luxury commodity is the power roofs and vista sport roofs that come standard with many vans. The power roofs are an amazing feature that let in light, provide indirect light and offer shade in many vehicles. Vista sport roofs are long, thin windows that align around the top of your vans high top area. They allow light to enter; however, block direct sunlight.

Entertainment features: This is the real kicker – conversion vans offer state-of-the-art entertainment features that no other vehicle will have. Unlike many minivans or SUVs that feature small televisions behind the seats of the driver and passenger or in the console area of the interior cabin, conversion vans provide the space to feature a 29” flat screen television. This seriously large screen is amazing for watching movies from the comfort of your conversion van’s plush seating.

And that’s only the beginning.

Conversion vans often come with DVD or Blu-ray technology. Most conversion vans have the capabilities to accommodate video game consoles as well. Headsets allow passengers to watch movies while the driver and front passenger can listen to music or engage in conversation. This is a fantastic feature when taking the family on a road trip or hosting a client..

Many of the newer models feature USB ports so you can plug in your laptop, iPad or cell phone for a quick charge. Some models even feature built in Wi-Fi technology. Whether your vehicle is for work or play, conversion vans are built for the needs of the 21st century!

Buying Interior Parts for Your Conversion Van

If you find that your van could use some replacement parts, the following companies specialize in conversion van components. Contact one of these retailers and they can ship you or point you in the right direction for the part you are looking for

If you own a newer conversion van, inquire about warranty coverage if you need to replace a part. If you are building your conversion van from scratch with a manufacturer, be sure to mention any options you wish to include in your new vehicle.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to decking out your conversion van!

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