Frequently Asked Questions

Is the van I’m buying certified?
All pre-owned conversion vans, camper vans and wheelchair accessible vans are certified, meaning they have gone through a rigorous inspection. Most are backed up by a 90 day or 4500 mile coverage warranty. See Certified Pre-owned for details.

Classic Vans also offers extended service contracts with up to 100,000 miles of coverage on most models. Please ask your sales representative for details.

Does the van I’m purchasing come serviced and with a safety inspection?
All vehicles have also gone through a safety and service inspection. Ask your sales consultant for a detailed list of the condition report on the vehicle you are considering purchasing. This will list items such as current services including oil change, brake condition etc.

Are the interiors and exteriors of the vans reconditioned?
All pre-owned vans are thoroughly inspected. At Classic Vans, VANS are our only business! We go through each vehicle, not only servicing the mechanical aspects of the van, but, where applicable, the interior and exterior as well. If we come across any issues during our certification process, we go above and beyond to make it as close to new as possible.

Can I get a CARFAX report?
All pre-owned vehicles have a current CARFAX history report, ask you sales representative for this free report.

Can I get a live walk-around video of the van I’m interested in, like I was on the showroom floor at the dealership?
Yes, please contact our sales representative, and we will set you up with an app so we can do a live in-person walkaround with you, just like you were at the dealership. This can be especially useful for those looking at different mobility options at our handicap van dealership in Texas.

How can I be sure I’m purchasing from a reputable dealer?
We understand financial peace of mind on your new purchase from Classic Vans is of the upmost importance. Rest assured, Classic Vans has been in business for 30 years and is family owned and operated. We are a licensed and bonded automobile dealer. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

We are an outstanding member of IADAC since 1989. We truly believe in customer service and will be there for years to come to take care of any of your conversion van needs, just like we have for 30 years.

What paperwork will I receive and what is the deposit requirement to start my purchase?
Once you choose your van, we will require a $500.00 deposit to mark it “sold”. We will then overnight all the necessary paperwork including a sales contract, warranties and DMV forms.

We will include a return overnight envelope. Once we have your paperwork back and you have all your copies, we will require payment or arrange financing for you.

How is my van shipped to me and what is the cost?
Classic Vans ships your vehicle on a car carrier to your home or office at a fraction of the cost of any dealer in the country, due to our high volume of business. Ask your sales representative for rates to your home or office.

How soon is my van shipped to me?
After we have finalized all of your paperwork, we will then contact our trucking dispatcher to schedule pickup and delivery of your new van. Our sales representative will keep you posted of your delivery, all the way to your doorstep. Most deliveries take 3 to 10 business days depending on your location and trucking scheduling.

What happens when my van arrives at my home or office?
All vehicles are delivered fully detailed, including spare keys, owner’s manuals, TV and DVD remotes etc.

Our representative will then go over all of the wonderful features of you van upon arrival. If you have a trade in we will pick it up at that time. It’s that easy.

What If there is a problem with my van?
No worries! Whether it is a new van or pre-owned van, Classic Vans will make it right. We have been in business for 30 years, and have done so by making our customers  happy. Once we are made aware of an issue we will take care of it immediately for you. And we back that up with not only our sincere promise, but with a written guarantee.

Do you take trade-ins on all vehicles including boats and RVs?
At Classic Vans, we take RV’s and autos in trade. If you have a payoff on one of them we will pay it off and secure you a new loan for your next purchase. We will pick up your trade-in when we deliver your new or pre-owned van.

Can I order a new van if you don’t have the exact model and color we want in stock?
If we don’t have it in stock, not to worry, we have hundreds of ready-to-convert chassis (Chevrolet, GMC and Ford) at our factory ready to convert and deliver straight to your home or office. Your salesperson will go over all the available options and colors. Your factory fresh new van will be converted and delivered to you in just two to three weeks.

What if I change my mind?
Not to worry! We realize situations come up that may be out of your control. If you are having a new van built we ask you to contact us, preferably before build time, and we will make arrangements to refund your deposit. Of course when you are ready to get back into purchasing a van again, please keep us in mind.

Can I get an extended warranty on new or used vans?
Yes, ask your representative and we can quote you various terms and mileage options at a reduced internet pricing.