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Unlike ordinary auto dealerships, we specialize in high-end conversion vans, personal transportation for the handicapped and vans made specifically for camping and long-term travel. We realize that you probably have lots of questions, which is why we are continually developing this resource – for a brief answer to some of the most common questions, please visit our FAQ page.

We invite you to continue reading more conversion van tips by visiting our blog, or check out our inventory to see what we currently have on the lot. Remember, we do offer low flat-rate shipping within the U.S., so don’t feel pressured to come to our southern California dealership in person.

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Custom Van and Conversion Van Buying Guide

The term “Conversion Van” encompasses a wide array of custom automobiles, uses, and specific features. This can make shopping for the perfect conversion van and selecting the very best features for your needs a bit confusing at times.

However, buying a new or used conversion van doesn’t have to be a hassle! At Classic Vans, we’ve been helping our customers make informed decisions regarding their transportation needs for 30 years, and we’ve used this knowledge to build a conversion van buying guide to help you find the perfect van with the features you need most in an automobile.

Why are You Shopping for a Conversion Van?

wheelchair iconI am in a wheelchair or need to transport someone else who is in a wheelchair.

If you are searching for a conversion van to accommodate a wheelchair, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. When giving the specifications for your conversion van, be sure to take into account the height of the wheelchair and the height of the wheelchair’s occupant in order to ensure adequate headroom.

Think about where you would park your conversion van most often. This will help you determine whether you need your van’s wheelchair ramp placed on the side or rear of the vehicle. Wider handicap parking spots can allow for side-ramps, whereas tighter spots may not be able to accommodate. Keep in mind that, if the wheelchair occupant intends to drive the conversion van at any time, placing the ramp on the side may be the most convenient option.

Custom handicap vans provide people with disabilities a wide range of comfortable, affordable transportation alternatives – from full-size to mini to commercial handicapped accessible vans. Explore our Wheelchair Van Buying Guide.

van iconI’m looking for a conversion van or camper for travel purposes.

Conversion vans intended for camping or travel are often referred to as campervans and are outfitted with accommodations in the rear of the vehicle. The amenities within these accommodations can vary depending on your desires and needs. It is important to remember that with the intent of travel also comes the need for your van to be outfitted with electricity capabilities, whether that be battery power, gas, or electricity.

Campervan amenities can include anything from refrigerators and toilets to showers and even water-heaters, depending on the model you choose and the cargo space it provides. Be sure to discuss the capabilities of the van you choose with your customizing company to get the most out of your space. The possibilities are endless!


Mini-Vans vs. Full-sized Conversion Vans

You are definitely in need of a van, but how to decide between a conversion van and the common minivan? Here’s what to consider:

size icon


Conversion vans are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs, whereas minivans are most often only available in their standard size.

price icon


The standard minivan will typically run much cheaper than a completely customized conversion van. Obviously, the more accessories you desire, the more the price will increase.

capacity icon


Minivans seat around seven to eight passengers comfortably, whereas conversion vans can be outfitted with even more seats if a larger seating capacity is one of your requirements.

safety icon


Minivans and conversion vans are often the highest rated vehicles on the market, making them ideal for families or transporting large amounts of people in general.

wheelchair icon


Families that have small children are often looking for a vehicle that maximizes rear-seat accessibility for taking care of the kids. Both minivans and conversion vans are relatively easily accessed. In many cases, seats can be removed or stowed for easier access in both types of vehicles.

cargo icon

Cargo Space

Minivans have removable or fold-away seats in the rear cargo area, which can translate to increased cargo space for travel and transportation needs. Conversion vans can be customized to include this option and can even be outfitted with built-in storage units if your primary need is transporting items securely and as efficiently as possible.

family icon

Family Options

Both minivans and conversion vans have easily accessible rear seats. Both vehicles can also be outfitted with family features that can make traveling easier. Onboard WiFi, heated seats, built-in DVD players, and Bluetooth connectivity are only some of the options available with certain minivans and conversion vans.


Should You Buy a New or Used Conversion Van?

Should you take advantage of the new technologies and luxuries of a brand-new conversion van, or save some money on a used option? When making this choice, there are several major factors to consider to make sure your experience is as satisfying as possible. They include:


How to Buy

At Classic Vans, we’ve been in the business of providing our customers with expertise and professionalism since 1988, and we’re the largest dealer of conversion vans in the United States! Decided that a new conversion van is right for you? Classic Vans offers new/completely customizable options to suit your needs, with tons of features, amenities, and styles to choose from. These vans can be customized to suit any usage needs you require or looks that suit your fancy. No need to compromise here!

Classic Vans helps take the headache out of buying a used conversion van, as well. All used conversion vans are certified with a warranty (with the option of extension) and thorough inspections for safety and service. Any minor interior/exterior flaws are also serviced upon these inspections to make sure your van is picture perfect upon your purchase. However, if you find something is wrong or completely change your mind about your purchase, Classic Vans will do the work to make it right.

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