How To Choose the Best Conversion & Camper Van Windows

camper van windows

Learn about the pros and cons of different windows for your conversion or camper van

Have you thought about installing new windows on your conversion or camper van? Are you overwhelmed by all the options? It’s not always easy to choose the correct type of window to install on your vehicle, and there are lots of factors to consider. This article will guide you through the different types of windows you can install as well as their pros and cons.

The sliding window

Sliding windows are the easiest to install and most convenient. Tempered glass should be used for safety. They usually come in rectangular mounts that open horizontally by sliding them.

Sliding windows are some of the most common windows seen in transit vans. They are wide enough that you can pass items through them.

Why you should consider this type of window:

  • You can easily control the amount of breeze coming in.
  • They have a simple shape, making them easy to install.
  • Their size allows you to pass things through them.
  • They can fit on the sides of any van model.
  • Their screens are detachable.
  • They don’t require many spacers, as they can clamp onto the sheet metal body.
However, they do have some disadvantages, such as:

  • Their larger size makes them easier for someone to break into your van.
  • They can be prone to rust if you block the weep holes.

The porthole window

Though often seen on ships and planes, porthole windows are becoming a popular choice for camper vans and conversion vans too. Their round shapes can be visually appealing, but they’re also more difficult to cut and prepare for installation than a rectangular window.

The porthole window is the best choice for safety if installed securely. Their small size makes them impossible to fit through, even if someone manages to break them.

The porthole window is a good choice if you’re looking for a small van window, as it requires less space.

Other pros of porthole windows include:

  • They have an appealing, unique look.
  • They allow ample light in yet ensure privacy.
  • Their small size provides additional van security.

Their biggest con is that they can’t be opened, so outside air circulation is limited, potentially making the van feel stuffy.

The vent window

Vent windows are widely used on vans because they’re both easy to install and practical. Their biggest advantages are that they provide excellent ventilation, and they won’t easily break.

Their biggest disadvantages are that they don’t provide much of a view, and they make it more obvious that your van is being used as a camper.

The stealth window

The setup of this window is one of the best out there. When the windows are closed, your van is truly stealthy. If you want to go unnoticed, then this might be the window for you.

Pros include:

  • Privacy is assured.
  • No cuts are needed for installation.
Cons include:

  • Windows don’t allow air circulation.
  • When closed, you won’t get natural light.

Because stealth vans tend to provide little-to-no light or airflow, people often install a skylight in their vans to provide additional light and ventilation.

The skylight

Skylights appear mostly in campervans. With these, you don’t have to worry about light coming in. Some of these windows open and provide ventilation. They also assure your privacy because you don’t have to add additional side windows.

Some advantages include:

  • They provide a beautiful view of the sky.
  • They allow in ample light.
Some disadvantages include:

  • They’re more prone to water damage from leaks and cracks.
  • They’re more difficult to install.

The blacked-out window

If you’re in need of a conversion van window, you should definitely consider blacked-out windows. Blacked-out windows regulate the amount of heat getting in the van, and you don’t have to worry about UV rays. They also provide for plenty of privacy. The only disadvantage of this type of window is that less light comes in.

The stained glass window

For people who love art and design, this may be the window for you because of its unique and attractive look. They’re mainly used for small van windows and camper vans. You can customize the look of these windows to reflect your individual style, but you’ll probably want to have them professionally installed.

Why choose this:

  • They make you stand out.
  • You can create custom designs.
  • Their colors are visually appealing.
Cons include:

  • They’re more expensive than other windows.
  • They’re easier to break, making your van less secure.

Where to buy the best conversion and camper vans

With so many options out there, you may want to turn to a professional to help you choose the right conversion or camper van windows for you. If you have further questions, the experts at Classic Vans are always here to help.

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