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Are you searching for a spacious, yet affordable option for traveling the scenic highways and byways?

Is a full RV out of your budget, or otherwise too big and cumbersome for your needs?

Camper vans for sale at Classic Vans offer a cost-effective, spacious, yet easily maneuverable option for enjoying those hideaway places

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Luxury Camper Vans

Classic Vans has the largest selection of luxury custom camper vans

Anyone who enjoys traveling and camping will tell you about the countless gems found across our beautiful country. You’ve likely caught yourself daydreaming about the possibilities of visiting and staying at a place like the Grand Canyon or the Great Smoky Mountains. However, when thoughts turn to a large RV to travel and sleep in, you abruptly return to reality and start contemplating the cost and difficulty of driving such a large rig across the country.

Before you completely close the door on your dreams though, you should consider a camper van. Classic Vans has an extensive selection of camper vans for sale from a variety of top-of-the-line manufacturers.

Camper Vans

“We purchased a 2011 Pleasure Way Traverse Van from miles away and trusted Classic Vans to report on the condition of the van because we were not close enough to come and see for ourselves. It was delivered in exactly the way it was described by the salesman. We were pleasantly pleased with the purchase and the people we worked with at Classic Vans.”

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State-of-the-art camper vans for sale at Classic Vans bring all of the comforts of home to your favorite location, regardless of how remote

Well, that may be an exaggeration of sorts. But if you can get to it by road, it will be much easier in a camper van. One distinct benefit camper vans have over RVs, besides cost, is their maneuverability. Since RVs are so large, it’s hard for them to access many of the best places across the U.S. and Canada.

And you don’t have to just use a camper van for long-distance vacations. Built on standard Ford, Chevy or Dodge van chassis, camper vans for sale at Classic Vans can also serve as a great transportation option for everyday errands – whether it’s buying the week’s groceries or hauling your child’s soccer team to their next match.

Camper vans for sale at Classic Vans come customized with a wide-range of features that enhance convenience and comfort

Custom camper vans from Pleasure Way, Chinook, Phoenix Cruiser, Roadtrek and other manufacturers also come jam-packed with many of the features you’d find in a full-size RV, allowing you to enjoy the convenience RVs offer without the hassle of driving around a large rig.

All rigs are fully contained and include most, if not all of the following features:

  • TV w/DVD
  • Refrigerator
  • Cooktop (Propane system w/heating)
  • Roof A/C
  • Lots of interior cabinet storage
  • Rear bed

Camping is by far one of the most cost-effective and fulfilling ways to vacation. Not only do you get to see exciting destinations, a camping vacation is also a wonderful time to connect with family and friends.

How cheap is full-time van life? How much money can you save?

Even though living in a van year-round is usually much cheaper than paying rent or having a mortgage, plus utilities and all the upkeep on a house, there are still certain expenses you should be aware of before becoming a full-time van lifer.

The real cost of living in a camper van year-round

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Browse our inventory of camper vans for sale