Class B Camper Vans

Camper vans offer a spacious, yet easy and affordable way to travel – whether it’s cross-country or in your hometown

Have you ever been on a road trip and wish you had a refrigerator, a bathroom and a comfortable place to sit all to yourself?

Would you like the conveniences of an RV but don’t want the hassle of driving such a large rig on busy highways?

Chevy Class B Camper Van

Class B camper vans built on a Chevrolet van chassis offer the amenities of a traditional RV without all the hassles and expense. Not only can you take your Chevy camper van on your dream cross-country vacation, you can also easily maneuver even the most crowded of city streets.

Best of all, any camper van found in our online store can be easily shipped to your home or office anywhere in the U.S. for one low, flat-rate.

New and Used Camper Vans for Sale

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Chevy Class B camper vans come in a variety of models but all have one thing in common – all are built on the durable, yet cost-effective Chevy Express van chassis

Available from a variety of manufacturers like Pleasure Way, Sportsmobile, Chinook, Roadtrek and others, Chevy camper vans are built on either the standard van chassis (135-inch wheelbase) or extended chassis (155-inch wheelbase)…some extended models have a total length of almost 22-feet and a maximum width of 9-feet at the rear wheels.

Both new and used Chevy camper vans come equipped with a powerful 4.8-liter V8 engine and offer an efficient, yet powerfully smooth driving experience. And with its body-on-frame construction and different transmission modes, the Chevy camper van also provides superior towing performance.

Best of all – the easy maneuverability means that not only can you park just about anywhere a regular car can, you can drive your camper van to remote areas that are difficult for a traditional RV to reach.

Chevy camper van models cover everyone from the most budget-conscious to those looking for the most spacious, luxurious travel option

Every model is different in their layout and capacity, but all camper vans are capable of sleeping at least 2 and comfortably riding anywhere from 5 to 7 passengers. Here are a few of the features available in Chevy Class B camper vans that are sure to make you think you never left home:

  • Rear king-size bed
  • Power sofa in center that folds out into a bed
  • Dining table
  • Galley w/stove, refrigerator and microwave
  • Wardrobe closet
  • Flat-screen TV w/DVD
  • Enclosed bathroom
  • Exterior storage options

Aside from these amenities that are sure to provide the most comfortable travel experience, some models also come with a slide-out to provide even more space for rest and relaxation.

With up to 7 forward facing seats in some models, a Chevy Class B camper van also makes a great second vehicle

If you’re looking for a second vehicle that can also serve your travel needs, a Chevy Class B camper van offers a more cost-effective option than having a second car at home and an RV in storage.

All new Chevy camper van models available at Classic Vans come with a full manufacturer’s warranty and all used models are carefully inspected by our very own mechanics and camper van specialists.

Browse our listings of Chevy Class B camper vans for more information on specific models.

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