Pleasure-Way Camper Vans Offer Comfort for the Entire Traveling Experience

New and used travel vans from Pleasure-Way are meticulously crafted by hand and deliver a luxurious camping experience for weekend getaways or cross-country traveling

Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Pleasure-Way Industries is renowned for its commitment high quality and their attention to detail. Other conversion van dealers mass produce their motorhomes and RVs on an assembly line – manufacturing a van from start to finish takes as little as 2.5 days. Not Pleasure-Way!

Most popular RVs and Class B camper vans are built on an assembly line using general specifications. Serious campers and travelers though want something that will last, even after it’s traveled the far reaches of the lower-48. And maybe even Alaska too!!

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Pleasure Way Lexor

While the average motorhome takes 2.5 days to manufacture, a Pleasure-Way camper van takes approximately 6 weeks and over 400 man hours. Talk about attention to detail!

And not only is everything* measured exactly to the individual chassis, Pleasure-Way also uses Glasurit automotive paint on all surfaces, a highly durable paint finish reserved for Rolls Royce, Bentley and other high-end automobiles. * by everything, we mean everything down to the bathroom fixtures, cabinets and even running boards

Pleasure-Way camper vans come in a variety of floor plans to suit all levels of campers and travelers.

Truth is, every Pleasure-Way travel van is unique, but there is a standard line-up of models each with their own floor plans. Specific Pleasure-Way Class B camper van models include:

  • Pleasure-Way Ascent – built on a short wheelbase, Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the Ascent includes all features listed above plus an exterior shower, microwave, 3-way fridge/freezer, rear power sofa and more.
  • Pleasure-Way Plateau – built on a long wheelbase, Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the Plateau includes all features listed above plus a microwave/convection oven, private “wet” bathroom, rear door pass-through storage and more.
  • Pleasure-Way Lexor – build on a Chevrolet Express Van chassis, the Lexor includes all features listed above plus a 3-way fridge/freezer, rear power sofa, exterior shower and more.
  • Pleasure-Way Prestige – built on a Ford E-350 chassis, the Prestige includes all features listed above plus a 32″ flat-screen TV, private bath w/separate shower, on-demand water heater, directional antenna w/ signal booster and more.
  • Pleasure-Way Pursuit – built on a Ford E-350 chassis, the Pursuit includes all features listed above plus a massive 4kW generator, microwave/convection oven, private bath w/ separate shower and more.


All Pleasure Way class B motorhomes, including the Ascent and Plateau series, are handcrafted and hand-fitted onto custom Mercedes Sprinter, Ford and Chevy chassis. In fact, the average Pleasure-Way RV takes approximately 6 weeks and over 400 hours of labor to complete. This is because everything – from the frame and engine to bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and running boards – is measured to exactly fit each individual chassis.

Even when purchased used, Pleasure-Way class B motorhomes offer a traveling experience unlike any other! By using Glasurit automotive paint on all surfaces – the same highly durable paint used for Rolls Royce, Bentley and other high-end automobiles – older Pleasure-Way models retain the glossy and shiny appearance they had right out of the factory. And thanks to their high quality control standards, Pleasure-Way RVs are built to last!

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Pleasure-Way Ascent

The Ascent is by far Pleasure-Way’s shortest and lightest class B motorhome, allowing for better maneuverability and drivability than other heftier RVs. Measured at 19 ft. 7 in. bumper to bumper, this comparative squatness will allow you to get your Ascent conversion van into places other RVs simply cannot.

The Ascent’s smaller size also means you’ll get better gas mileage – 22 mpg or more on the highway. (With bigger RVs build on bus frames, you’re lucky to get 10!)

Built on a Mercedes Benz chassis with a short Sprinter wheelbase, the one area where Pleasure-Way did not downsize with the Ascent is the luxury features and craftsmanship. The 2015 Ascent’s many great features will make you feel like you are traveling in style and include:

  • Brandy or Natural Maple Hardwood Cabinetry
  • Saddle or Ivory Ultraleather
  • Onan LP or Gas Generator
  • Roof Mount Air Conditioner
  • Auto-ignite furnace
  • Power Awning
  • Low Profile Fan
  • 2 Burner LP Flush Mount Stove
  • Private bathrooms
  • Flat-screen TV w/ Blu-Ray
  • Shurflo Demand Water System
  • Coach Battery Disconnect
  • 45 AMP Converter with Charge Wizard
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector
  • Dupont Corian® counter tops, back splashes and shower surrounds
  • Blum® European hidden cabinet hinges and Hafele® adjustable door stays
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Three-layer bedding (Medium density foam base layer + 3″ of visco-elastic memory foam + Dacron insulation + smooth, Ultraleather® finish)
  • Memory Foam Rear Cushions
  • Exterior shower
  • Microwave
  • 3-way fridge/freezer
  • Rear power sofa
  • 95 watt solar panel w/ automatic controller
  • Multiplex wiring
  • And more…

Pleasure-Way Plateau Series

In the same vain as the Ascent, the Pleasure-Way Plateau class B motorhome offers the same maneuverability, gas efficiency and comparative lightness when matched up against 25 ft. coach RVs, but the Plateau is slightly longer (22 ft. 9 in. bumper to bumper) and more spacious than the Ascent. Pleasure-Way’s Plateau is the perfect blend of smaller conversion vans and coach RVs, offering the best of both.

The Plateau motorhome is also built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and comes in three trim levels: TS, FL, and XL. The trims vary in body width and floor plan, with the XL being the widest and featuring an open floor layout.

In addition to having all of the features of the Ascent, the Pleasure-Way Plateau series comes with an assortment of its own plush extras, including a microwave/convection oven, private “wet” bathroom, and rear door pass-through storage – just to name a few.

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Classic Vans, a Premier Pleasure-Way Dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Offers Nationwide Delivery of Class B Motorhomes for a Low, Flat Rate

When searching for a comfortable, spacious and maneuverable class B motorhome or RV to enhance your travel experience, a Pleasure-Way van is worth a serious consideration. With a Pleasure-Way, you are guaranteed to have all the big rig RV comforts and luxuries, except in a more efficient, compact and easy-to-drive form.

Here at Classic Vans, we have a wide selection of new and used class B RVs for sale, including Pleasure-Way Ascent and Plateau models. We’re here to help you pick your ideal new or used motorhome from our inventory, or build one from the ground up.

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