Leisure Travel Widebody 4wd Class B Van Motorhome

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1998 - Leisure Travel Widebody 4wd Class B Van Motorhome

Make Leisure Travel Model Widebody Category Camper Vans Motor home class B Price (USD) SOLD Construction year 1998 Stock number 11395 VIN 2B6KB31Z8VK595384 Interior color Mauve Exterior color White Mileage 46,961 Availability Sold Warranty Certified Pre-Owned Guarantee period 3 Months

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4 4WD!!...Only but once a year does a van such as this come along and excites us to no end. We buy and sell many vans each year, each with their own features and benefits, beauty marks and some with minor dings or bruises. We have in this case a One-Owner Van that has been pampered and massaged and wonderfully maintained to such a degree that it runs and looks better than most new vans. Who ever owned this van, LOVED this Van... and it is apparent from the front bumper to the rear gate. Try to find a flaw, any flaw on this van and you will rub your head in disbelief as you tour the exterior, then the interior. Everything is in its place, wonderfully kept, and no money was spared. Lets start with the 4 Wheel Drive System. This is a top of the line Dana system with 4wd high and 4wd low. It even has Warn Hubs for your true blue off road-ists. Ground clearance is superb and the chassis caries a Ride-Rite system. The driveline works perfectly and is well balanced. Heavy duty chrome alloy wheels carry the off road tires with ease and look nearly new. There is a very expensive built in sound system that I am told could have cost in excess of $10k, maybe as much as $20k. Not sure, don't really care, but darn does it sound good...no, "Great" is more like it. No expense was spared and installation is nothing less than precise and impeccable. We received this Van with a case of 200 plus recordings of Classical music. The previous owner obviously loved Classical music and he also loved YOSEMITE. He was an avid photographer and in the van are photos he look of Yosemite and many of its beautiful scenes. This man also was a fanatic about leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Check out the elaborate solar panel charging system he designed for this van. Installation too was nothing less than engineered. To do this the rear A/c was not ordered and panels were installed in its place.. All interior lights are on a dimmer system. Built in generator runs like glass, and all motorhome features such as, bathroom and shower, kitchen features and cabinets are near flawless. Now, lets examine the Exterior: This baby is Built and built tall. My guess is this motorhome was stored in a temperature controlled environment, always protected from the outside. Paint and striping is Perfect, no dents or scratches detected. Fit and finish is as it was when it was... like New.

Motor home length 19
Fuel type N/A
Drive Train Four Wheel Drive