Motorhome Equipment: Accessories & Essentials for Your Campervan Travels

motorhome equipment

Don’t leave home without this list of handy tools, accessories, and travel items

Traveling or living full time in a class B motorhome or campervan requires some mandatory supplies. But how do you know where to start? If you pack too little you’ll be unprepared, but if you over pack you may soon find that you’re drowning in unnecessary items.

That’s why we’ve put put together the following list of motorhome necessities. The accessories that you’ll want to consider packing are, in no particular order, as follows:

  • Extra Batteries
  • Solar Charging
  • Generator
  • GPS
  • Water Purifier
  • Nonstick Cookware
  • Cutting Board
  • Command Strips
  • Drawer Liners
  • Awning
  • Folding Tables And Chairs
  • Leveling Blocks

Extra Batteries

Being on the road for weeks or months at a time means that you’ll need to rely on batteries to power many of your electronics, especially if you prefer “boondocking.” Along with plenty of cigarette lighter charging adapters, batteries are a great way to keep your gadgets and gizmos powered. Buy batteries in bulk for the biggest savings as you know you’re going to use a ton anyway. Also, consider rechargeable batteries so that you don’t find yourself throwing them away all the time. Take some extra time at rest stops or restaurants to charge up if you have the opportunity.

Solar Chargers

There will come a time when all your batteries are gone and you’re nowhere near a rest stop to recharge your necessities. In this case, a small foldable solar panel may come in handy. A 40 or 50 watt panel may be useful to charge phones or other small electronic devices like a GPS. Be sure that you have the proper adapters so that you can charge all devices. This is a perfect option for those who wish to travel “off the grid.”


A generator is a viable way to produce your own power when you are camping at a remote location that doesn’t have electrical hookups. The price of a small, briefcase-sized generator keeps coming down year after year and the investment is well worth it. This will allow you to run things like your mini fridge, lights, and even a television if you desire.


While being free to roam the countryside and go wherever your gut tells you is what drives a lot of people to the motorhome lifestyle, it’s sometimes nice to know where your next destination is without guessing. While most smartphones have a GPS, they can quickly chew through data and make your phone bill skyrocket. Investing in a quality GPS is a cost-effective way to relieve stress and get you to your next adventure in a timely fashion.

Water Purifier

If you’re looking to truly rough it, you’ll want to be sure to carry a water purifier at all times. No matter how clear and clean the water may look, it’s important to know that it may still contain dangerous contaminants that the naked eye cannot see. A water purifier can be the difference between more adventures and a trip to the emergency room.

Nonstick Cookware

Motorhomes typically lack the storage of a regular home. For this reason, it’s important to invest in high quality nonstick cookware that’s durable and can be used again and again for a variety of purposes. One or two pots and pans can be just as useful as a whole cabinet of kitchen gadgets and utensils if used correctly and resourcefully, which will save you a ton of space.

Cutting Board

Living out of a motorhome means that you’ll probably want to prepare your own meals at least some of the time. Cooking in helps keeps food costs down and your health up — no one wants to eat fast food all the time. Look into flexible cutting boards that can be rolled up and put away once they’re done being used to save space and create more counter space.

Command Stick Strips

When you’re on the road as much as motorhome owners are, things tend to shift around while driving. Command strips are the perfect way to keep things in place while on the road. This can include pictures hung on the wall, kitchen necessities, and other items. Look into adding Velcro so that you can easily stick an item back to a Velcro pad when you’re done using it.

Drawer Liners

Like the command strips, drawer liners keep items in place and prevent them from shifting while driving. This also helps minimize the sounds of shifting cookware and other utensils while driving that can become a nuisance. As an added bonus, they’ll help improve the interior of your motorhome and make it more inviting to guests.


When you want to just kick back and relax after many hours of driving, an awning is the perfect way to create some much-needed shade during those long, hot summer days. Look for the types of awnings that retract so that all you have to do before getting back on the road is wind up the awning.

Folding Tables and Chairs

These items are especially important if you plan on meeting new people throughout your travels. You can invite them over to your campsite and provide seating as well as a place to eat no matter where you are. Since they’re foldable, they will store easily and take up little to no additional space in exterior storage compartments.

Leveling Blocks

You may not always find a perfectly level spot to set up shop for the night. In fact, there may be times when you’re pulling over to sleep in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. Leveling blocks ensure your motorhome isn’t only comfortable for you to sleep in, but also safe. Ideally, your leveling blocks can be stored in an exterior storage compartment since you’ll only need to access them when stopping for the night.

Now that you have all the necessary accessories, continue reading for other helpful tips for your motorhome.