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Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Vantage Mobility International is a leading name in the wheelchair van and equipment industry. VMI is dedicated to listening to the needs of wheelchair users, caregivers and family members. Creating easy to use, dependable and well-supported vans and products are the goals at the heart of the VMI business.

History of VMI

In the late 1970’s, VMI founders where summoned to create a suitable accessible vehicle for a close family member suffering from a disability. Three guys took an Oldsmobile Toronado and lowered the floor in order to make a more convenient wheelchair ramp system. In 1987, VMI took a Chrysler minivan and applied the same concept as they did in the Oldsmobile. The result was the first ever wheelchair accessible minivan that is commonly used today and is one of the most popular choices for those seeking a handicap vehicle.

VMI Core Principles

Reliability, ease of use and a comprehensive dealer network are the core principles behind the VMI Corporation.

Reliability: Reliability is absolutely essential to wheelchair users and their caregivers. In 2008, VMI implemented a program called “Lean-Six.” The Lean-Six program includes corrosion-resistant flooring with E-coating, backup systems in place that allow manual operation of fully auto-powered ramps in the event of a vehicle power-loss, and a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Lean-Six is VMI’s continuous commitment to improve their vans and products.
Ease of Use: Due to extensive user research, VMI is able to create products that are easier to use for wheelchair users and caregivers. VMI’s Customer Advocate Center was created in order to help answer any questions customers have about their VMI wheelchair accessible vehicles. A specially trained Veteran Advocate program was established in order to help U.S. military veterans understand and use their VA mobility benefits. Northstar™ and Access360™ are products created by VMI with user intuition at heart.

Northstar refers to the in-floor ramp system, which offers the following benefits to similar non-VMI products on the market:

  • Greater ramp width to accommodate wider power chairs
  • 800 lb. capacity aluminum honeycomb ramps to support a user of any size
  • A ramp that stores under the floor to create a cleaner interior
  • Easy access to door handles and switches

Access360 conversions by VMI offer more floor length, interior space and headroom than any other mobility minivan. This system was created in 2012 with wheelchair maneuverability in mind.

Dealer Network: VMI prides itself on selling exclusively to dedicated and reliable dealers. Classic Vans is one of these quality dealerships.

VMI’s Northstar™ and Summit™ Ramp Systems

VMI offers two types of ramps: the Northstar™ and the Summit™. The Northstar™ is an in-floor ramp system. The Summit™ is a fold-out ramp system.

Northstar™ Features:

  • High ramp capacity
  • Ultra-low ramp angle
  • In-floor stowage
  • Obstruction free doorway
  • Clean, uncluttered interior
  • Quieter ride without rattling
Summit™ Features:

  • Easy to use fold-out design
  • Manual backup
  • High side rails for easy navigation
  • Anti-rattle mechanism for quieter ride
  • Strength and durability
  • Robust design
  • More budget friendly.

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