Is Living on the Road Full-Time for You?

Going from a permanent residence to a class B motorhome or RV is a big decision. Find out if you have what it takes.

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Sure, many of us say from time to time, “Wouldn’t it be nice to pack up and live life on the road?”

So what’s stopping you? Is it your job? Your family? Are you worried you won’t have the skills to ‘hack it’ on the road?

These are questions and fears most people who love traveling and are thinking of making the transition to life on the road will commonly have.

There are lots of things to take into consideration before packing up and selling or renting your home. However, if you are truly passionate about making your travel dreams a day-to-day reality, we hope these answers to the following questions can expel some of the worry and fears you may have about making the big move!

Can you afford to live on the road?

Many people thinking about using their motorhome or RV for full-time living are concerned about income. Most people who own a motorhome or RV are retired; however, that’s changing more and more. With today’s technology, the workplace isn’t what it used to be. Many people really only require a laptop, cell phone and Wi-Fi connection in order to work.

The Classic Vans blog recently posted a profile of a freelance writer who traveled the U.S. for a year and worked the entire time from her Dodge Sprinter van. You can read more about how she did it here.

If you’re on a fixed income, there are many ways to keep monthly expenses to a minimum. Boondocking, for example, is a great way to avoid paying campground fees. Joining RV membership clubs, such as Good Sam and Passport America can keep fees down as well.

What is your monthly budget?

Regardless of your income situation, drafting a monthly budget is essential if you’re planning on living in an RV or motorhome full-time. Expenses such as fuel, automobile payments, insurance, camping fees, food and attractions can quickly add up.

However, just remember how much money you are saving without a mortgage or monthly rent!

What does your family think? Do you have kids?

Living in an RV or motorhome isn’t just for retirees. Lots of couples and families transition from four walls to four wheels! If you have your heart set on experiencing life on the open road, having an open and honest conversation with your loved ones and family is the best place to start.

Think about what sacrifices you are going to have to make. Some of your family members may have to make certain compromises (including you). Are your children in school? Is home schooling a good option for them? Luckily, with today’s technology, private online schooling has become increasingly popular for students age 18 and under. Take a look at every variable and do lots of research!

If you’re considering full-time RV or motorhome life – particularly if you’re not planning on retiring – check out this resource for young full-time RV nomads.

How do you deal with change and improvised plans?

Another important consideration when planning to live in a motorhome or RV full-time is your ability to become flexible when plans and routes change. Life is constantly throwing unexpected happenings in our way, especially when living on the road. Some people are better at ‘rolling with the punches’ than others.

If you’re living on the road full-time, you are going to have to have a certain degree of flexibility when unforeseen situations arise. Maybe a winter storm makes your first choice destination unreachable. Maybe someone gets sick or injured, requiring some medical attention and rest.

For some of us, these interruptions may seem overwhelming. However, thousands of Americans have made the successful transition to life on the road, full-time. If you and your travel mates are really passionate about the RV lifestyle, remember: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to most, you may be ready for life on the open road:

  1. Does the idea of traveling wherever you like, sleeping in your own bed, making your own food, and not having to make any hotel reservations excite you?
  2. Is the day-to-day upkeep of your home or apartment making you absolutely crazy? Are you tired of paying endless bills and taxes associated with home ownership?
  3. When you return home from a motorhome or RV trip, do you feel a sense of overwhelming sadness? Are you restless thinking about when you’ll be taking your next road trip?

What type of motorhome or RV will be the best fit for your specific needs?

One of the best things about purchasing a motorhome or RV is the endless options and customizations available. You can buy just about any size vehicle, add any features you require, and make it as basic or elaborate as you want!

For a family of five or more, a larger RV with “slide-outs” (additional features on class A and class C motorhomes that extend the living space by about 3.5 feet) may be what you need for additional space. If you’re a couple looking to stay cozy, a class B motorhome can provide everything you need in a much more manageable size.

Remember, bigger is not always better! But some amazing features such as Jacuzzi hot tubs and exotic aquariums are always a possibility in some larger sized rigs.

Above all research, research, research! Living life on the open road for an extended period of time is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There are many reasons why people decide to take a break from everyday living. As long as you and your travel companions are prepared, you should have an amazing experience!

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