Maximizing the Life of Your Beloved Conversion Van: Maintenance Strategies and Tips

Love your conversion van? Conversion vans offer the complete package of versatility, luxury, space, and easy access to travel.

conversion van maintenance and car tips

Since custom conversion vans are often a big investment, and usually personalized to their owners, taking every measure to maximize your van’s condition is critical. One of the great things about owning a full-sized conversion van is while they are larger in size, they operate very similar to your everyday car or SUV.

However, some of the exciting and luxurious features your van has to offer will require a little extra care and maintenance.

Life gets busy traveling and enjoying all of the versatility your van will provide. Keeping in mind a few tips can help you steer clear of some avoidable maintenance issues. Here are some routine tips for keeping your van in tip top shape.

Check the Battery

Much like any other battery-powered item you own, keeping a watch on your conversion van battery is always a good idea. Periodic inspections of the battery terminals for corrosion can help you avoid an early battery replacement situation.

If you live in an area that gets particularly cool or humid, consider applying dielectric grease. Dielectric grease or silicon grease is a waterproof grease that combines silicone oil with a thickener. It can be found at almost any automotive store such as Napa Auto parts, O’Reily or Pep Boys.

Re-tightening the battery cables on occasion is also a good habit to get into.

Check the Tire Pressure

This is extremely important! Routinely checking your conversion van’s tire pressure will prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and ultimately increase your van’s fuel efficiency. Prior to a long road trip, check those tires – if they are too low you could find yourself with a sudden and inconvenient blow out. New tires typically start at $800. Keep in mind the price tag next time you put off checking your pressure level.

Inspect the Coolant Level

Avoid letting unchecked leaks to permanent damage by frequently reviewing your coolant level. If you find that your coolant is constantly low, you should make an appointment with a trusted mechanic and check for a leak. Worn out hoses are typically responsible for a coolant leek. As always, before your next road trip you should inspect your coolant levels and help avoid a costly roadside assistance call.

Change the Oil

This seems like a no brainer but if your oil is left unchecked, it can cause some serious problems for your conversion van and you! Follow your dealer’s or manufacturer’s suggested mileage for routine changes.

If you’re using your conversion van for extended travel, keeping extra quarts handy in your spacious trunk is a good idea. If you use your conversion van on and off, remember that contaminants inside your engine oil can cause oxidation, therefore it’s probably a good idea to check it right away if you haven’t driven the van for a while.

Wash the Exterior of Your Van Frequently

Keep your van’s paint from rusting by investing in a quality exterior auto cleaning product. We recommend Green Clean Automotive Cleaner. Not only is this product high quality, but it’s also good for the environment!

When cleaning your van, don’t forget the undercarriage. Road salt can accumulate and actually start to damage your conversion van’s motor. Spraying your van with rubberized undercoating can also provide some extra protection. We suggest Rust-Oleum Automotive Undercoating, which can be found at Lowe’s and other major retailers that carry even limited automotive products.

Maintain Your Conversion Vans Interior

One of the things conversion van customers love most is their van’s the plush and luxurious interiors. Continue reading for some professional advice on how to keep it that way for years to come.

Leather Seats

Keeping your comfortable leather chairs in tip-top shape is usually a high priority for van owners. Most wear on leather seats comes from the abrasive build-up of dirt. Another factor that contributes to the deterioration of leather is the loss of essential oil over time. Powerful UV rays also further damage your leather.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can keep up your sleeves to protect your leather interior:

  • Setting up a monthly or quarterly reminder to treat your leather seats will do your van wonders! You really can’t go wrong with too many products, but we suggest Armor All Leather Restorer, (find at ACE Hardware stores, Lowes and Walmart).
  • If you’re still worried about making sure you have properly treated those seats, you can go ahead and invest in a leather conditioner/cleaner kit. Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Sealer is a two-step system that prepares and seals your seats (find it at Walmart, Home Depot and Sears).
  • Above all, avoid vinyl cleaners as well as petroleum-based solvents or silicone products. They will leave your pretty leather seats with an overly shinny look.


People love the shade and privacy conversion vans offer within their interiors. Keeping your pleated shades in clean, working order is a must! First though, there are some things to be aware of when dealing with stubborn shades, including:

  • Don’t pull too hard! If your shade is jammed, give it a rest and consult your van dealer in order to avoid any costly damage.
  • If you’ve owned your van for a long time or put a lot of use on your shades pulling them up and down, you may want to spend some time learning how to re-string them. It sounds complicated but can be figured out pretty easily with some time and patience. Here is a great video on how to restring them if you find yourself in a bind:


Nothing is worse than getting a fresh stain on your beautiful conversion van’s interior. Maintaining your van’s interior carpet is a sure way to keep you loving your vehicle longer. Here are some tips to think about next time you find yourself with a pesky stain on your hands:

  • Organize your van’s interior! Pick up any loose items in order to maximize your ability to vacuum or scrub your flooring.
  • Remove all of floor mats. Vacuum, reach under the pedals, seats and crevices.
  • Choose a carpet cleaner and find a good brush. Spray the carpet cleaning shampoo on the surface and let it sit for 10 minutes. Work it in smoothly into your carpet using circular motions. Repeat, especially in areas with heavy dirt stains.
  • Rinse your newly shampooed carpets using a damp rag, but don’t get your carpets too wet.
  • Let your van dry out with the doors open for a few hours. Go back and feel your carpets. If they are still damp let them air out for another hour or so.


Taking care of and properly maintaining your conversion van is a great way to invest in the quality and life of your vehicle. Conversion vans often retain their value well because their owners take such pride in owning them.

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