Smart Campervan & RV Storage Ideas

campervan storage ideas

Tips, tricks and travel hacks for easy and affordable motorhome and RV storage solutions

Fitting all of your food, clothing and favorite camping accessories in one vehicle can sometimes be a challenge, especially with small children or pets. Class B motorhomes and RVs are ideal vehicles for travel because they provide extra cargo space for bring along your prize possession, yet they’re compact enough to offer easy parking and drivability.

Despite having more space, longer trips mean you’re likely planning to bring along more stuff. Packing efficiently is one of the key factors of starting your road trip off right. If you plan on living in your motorhome full-time, utilizing every inch of space is even more important.

Whether you’re a full-time van lifer or a weekend warrior, consider trying some of the following space saving techniques when loading up your rig for your upcoming campervan getaway.

20 Best Space-Saving RV & Campervan Storage Accessories

Above all, be creative! The best motorhome storage hack of all may come from trying out different techniques and finding what works best for you.

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